Our Team

  • Taylor Rose

    Co-director of Startup Bootcamp

    Studying Management Science and Political Science, Class of 2016

    Frequenter of blogs, hipster coffee shops, and the Amazon Kindle store.

  • Felipe Lozano

    Studying Biological Engineering, Class of 2016

  • Christopher Benson

    Old Man

    Studying Course 2 (PhD), Class of 2014

    Many moons ago, Chris started StartLabs after TAing the Founder's Journey class. Now Chris signs the checks and works on his PhD in the International Design Center.

  • Josh Haimson

    Secret Agent

    Studying Computer Science and Molecular Biology, Class of 2016

    Lover of tech, startups, people, music and fun.

  • Adam Eagle

    Director of Propaganda

    Studying Computer Science, Class of 2016

    A web designer/developer/wizard.

  • Turner Bohlen

    Overthrown Dictator

    Studying Physics, Class of 2014

    Nerd in disguise as overthrown dictator.

  • Chase Lambert

    Amateur Ninja

    Studying Computer Science, Class of 2014

    Lives on Frisbees, Bikes, and Travelling.

  • Katie Siegel

    Studying Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2016

  • Delian Asparouhov

    Startup Energizer Bunny

    Studying EECS, Class of 2015

  • Ishaan Gulrajani

    Miracle worker.

    Studying Computer Science, Class of 2016

    A hacker. Good at making things happen. Get in touch, eh?

  • Ife Bakare

    Swag Officer

    Studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in CS, Class of 2016

    Interests: African Technology Hubs and Finance

  • Bruno Faviero

    Managing Director

    Studying Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2015

    When not editing grammar mistakes, usually found playing ultimate or soccer, sailing, dancing, or getting injured.

  • Ryan Kim

    Studying Mathematics with Computer Science, Class of 2017

  • Harry Bleyan

    Santa's Close Relative

    Studying EECS and Awesomeness, Class of 2016

    Roses are green, violets are yellow, I'm colorblind and super mellow

  • Alex Springer

    Class of 2016

  • Nikita Khlystov

    Intergalactic Inventreprenaut

    Studying Chemical Engineering, Class of 2014

    When not brewing polymer potions, usually found zipping through the countryside on a bicycle.

  • Ethan Sherbondy

    Web Slinger

    Studying Computer Science, Class of 2014

    Lover of parentheses and life.

  • Seve Esparrago

    Studying Computer Science, Class of 2016

  • Rene Miller

    Managing Overlord of the Eastern Seaboard

    Studying Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015

    Responds to the nicknames "Tank", "Nay-nay", and "Wild Turkey". Strong believer that business can do more for the world.