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StartLabs was established by MIT engineering students in the summer of 2011 to spread entrepreneurship. We support and encourage students to:

  1. Start their own companies – transforming ideas and class projects into seed-stage ventures.
  2. Work in rapidly expanding companies – place students in internships and full-time positions at promising startups.

We are creating the next generation of technical entrepreneurs.

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Upcoming Events


When: Thursday 9/19 7-10 PM


  • Shri Ganeshram, founder of FlighCar, will talk about starting his company
  • Build a website in an hour: learning Django with Shri and Josh
  • Get legal advice from our SLACK lawyers Gary Schall (Wilmer Hale) and Dan Tempkin

Where: A new location: the MIT Media Lab, 5th floor

Legal Office Hours

Gary Schall from law firm Wilmer Hale and IP lawyer Dan Tempkin holds office hours every week at StartLabs!

Anyone interested should fill out the form, and we'll let you know the next week they happen, and so Gary and Dan can do some research beforehand!

hackMIT - 10/4

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